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Wintersemester 2020/21

Vorlesungs- und Prüfungspläne von
AW, Internat. Projektmanagement (B.A.) Interkult. Kommunikation (M.A.)



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Courses in English

The program Courses in English offers regular course instruction (rather than language instruction) in English. In the coming semester fourteen departments offering more than one hundred courses are involved in this university-wide project.

Students who satisfactorily complete a total of 15 ECTS of regular course work from this program receive the “Zusatzqualifikation” (Supplementary Certification) in Courses in English. To fulfil the 15 ECTS requirement, courses can be chosen, among others, from the English-language offerings of FK 13 – General Studies. Both “AW-Wahlpflicht” courses (mandatory electives) and “Freiwillige-AW” courses (electives) count toward the Certification in Courses in English.

Alternatively, ECTS can also be earned by taking courses in the Courses in English program offered by other departments. This means you can earn credits for Courses in English while fulfilling your regular or General Studies course requirements.

The following table lists the Courses in English offered in FK 13 General Studies in SS 2020. Some of the courses can also be credited to other FK13 supplementary certifications (IKK or ES).

Please find further information on all Courses in English here.

182Global Management Simulation (online
course) - Group I online course: start 20.4.
IttsteinMon08:15 - 09:45online course
183Global Management Simulation (online
course) - Group II online course: start 20.4.
IttsteinMon10:00 - 11:30online course
002Problems of English Grammar BlockWed13.30-15.00T 1.021
019Frankenstein reloaded – science and technology in literature and filmBrandstetterThu10.00-11.30T 1.023
004A Journey through Philosophy. What do you really know when you get information? Díaz NafríaMo
16.00-19.15 16.00-19.15 T 2.023
005From Ancient Utopias to Cyberutopias. An Introduction to Political Philosophy Díaz NafríaTue
16.00-19.15 16.00-19.15 T 2.023
051Historical buildings and monuments in Munich DoblerFri-Sun09.00-18.00
May 8th to 10th
T 1.018
007Critical Literacy in a Post-Truth EraJärvenpääTue13.30-15.00T 2.023
075Let's make a Deal!
JärvenpääWed10.00-13.15T 2.023
093Germany Today: Issues, Cultures, IdentitiesJärvenpääWed10.00-13.15T 2.023
099Super power on its knees? A look at America’s problems and their solutionsSinnTue10.00-13.15T 2.014
098Hong Kong and China: A Film SeminarSinnTue10.00-13.15T 2.014
044Business ConsultingSuhmTue08.15-11.30T 1.020

Please note: Lecture period of Department 13 starts on Monday, 20.4. starting from 8.15 am.
The courses will be held in T building, Dachauer Straße 100a.

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