DAAD test English

DAAD test English Language Certificate


HM partner schools abroad require proof of English competence, and generally they accept the DAAD test. Students who plan to attend universities within the EU may be able to take another free test, but should obtain information from the International Office (IO).

The International Office will post a list of partner schools that require the DAAD test, in addition to an overview already on their website of which universities accept which tests. HM community members who do not plan to go abroad with an IO program will be accepted only one week before a test date if there are still remaining spaces, and never in November. This also applies for anyone wishing to take the test a semester earlier than their deadline.

Summer semester 2020:

Students planning to go to universities outside the Erasmus program should try to register for a DAAD test appointment that takes place by June 27th. All those who have taken a test by that date will be able to get their certificates at the IO by the July 1st deadline.

As soon as we are allowed into the buildings, we will provide 2 test dates weekly, if necessary. Students should NOT ask for a test date until the new list of dates is posted here, but then they should apply immediately. Those who have applied no later than June 1st will be accommodated.

All certificates will be given to the IO, not to the individual students, until the July 1st deadline has passed. If you think you need DAAD for a program of your Fakultaet rather than for the IO, you will need to prove it in order to get an appt. earlier than July 1st. After July 1st, two or three more appointment dates will be provided for such cases if there is demand.

NOTE: Erasmus outgoings do not normally need DAAD tests, rather some other certification. Some Erasmus program universities have not specified what they require, however. Before asking for a DAAD appt., ask the IO to be certain of what you need!