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Wintersemester 2020/21

Vorlesungs- und Prüfungspläne von
AW, Internat. Projektmanagement (B.A.) Interkult. Kommunikation (M.A.)



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Schwarzes Brett

DAAD test date appointments for SS 2020 (Price)

Fridays at 9.00: May 22, 29; June 05, 12, 19, 26; July 10, 31; August 14

Wednesdays at 15.00: May 27; June 10, 24


Dear Students,

These test dates are foreseen for those of you planning to go to a partner school that requires the test. If you are going to an Erasmus partner, however, you probably do not need this test, so check with the IO first. Please note that all test results through the end of June will be given to the IO, not to you personally, so there is no point in signing up if you do not need it for an IO interview. If you need the test for another purpose, you can only fill in spots that are still vacant 48 hours in advance or, better, take the test in July. If you are granted one of the last minute fill-in slots, then you can get the results yourself.

The tests will be given online. Please use your HM email address!! Other addresses will be accepted only with a justifiable reason which we can check via the IT Dep't. Please be sure that you have a device available which you know well, which has both video and audio (for the oral interviews) and which is 100% reliable on test day. As you will be getting the material one minute before start and have a deadline of 55 minutes to send it back, familiarity with your device is vital.

Please register by sending two possible dates to as soon as possible. Note that everyone will not be able to do Fridays, so tweak your schedule to make a Wednesday available if possible. Again, use your HM email address!

Studium Generale

Sie erreichen uns per Mail (siehe Link über Sekretariat Kontakt). In Ausnahmefällen: Sekretariat Tel. 089 1265-4301, Mo 9-13.00, Di, Do 11-13.00 Uhr

Interkulturelle Kommunikation & Kooperation

Masterstudiengang: Kontakt + Öffnungszeiten
Telefon 089 1265-4307
Mo. bis Fr.: 09.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
T 3.006, Dachauer Straße 100a