Schwarzes Brett

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Sommersemester 2021

Vorlesungs- und Prüfungspläne von
AW, Internat. Projektmanagement (B.A.) Interkult. Kommunikation (M.A.)



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Schwarzes Brett

DAAD (Price)

Attention all DAAD test takers! please do not write to the FK13 Sekretariat concerning DAAD matters as they have nothing to do with it. Your only DAAD contact in FK 13 is the email address: If you have tried this address with no success, you are probably not using your HM email account. Emails from all other accounts are simply deleted. In addition, during the oral interview every test taker is clearly told that the certificates are sent to the central International Office and the students should contact the IO. Perhaps failure to understand that means a problem in English understanding.

DAAD English Testing SoSe 2021 (Price)


DAAD English tests in FK 13 are no longer open to all HM students. Students of FK 10 and FK 14 are to be evaluated within their own departments. Students of all other faculties will still be tested in FK 13, but only if they are applying to go abroad through the International Office. Anyone who wants a DAAD certificate for any other reason should search for possibilities at private universities (ALL public unis are allowed to test ONLY their own students, so asking at TUM or LMU leads to a dead end) or register for a commercial test such as TOEFL or IELTS.


Registration and dates

The tests will be given online in SoSe 2021, on the following. Each date is limited to 5 students, and no more dates will be added, so sign up for an early date or you may well not get a place. All tests begin at 9.00 and should finish around 10.30 or soon afterward:
All DAAD dates scheduled for this semester are full. Please do not try to schedule a test date for this semester as no further requests can currently be granted. For further info, please contact the International Office.

Individuals may take the test a second time ONLY if a space is still open 24 hours in advance.

Contact the following email address to register: This is your only contact other than the IO. The FK 13 Sekretariat cannot help in any way. Please list your name, your department, your preferred date and a second date. Use only your HM email address; mail from other addresses will not be answered. Please do not clutter your mail with extra info or formalities. Requests for advance info about the test will not be answered

Studium Generale

Sie erreichen uns per Mail (siehe Link über Sekretariat Kontakt). In Ausnahmefällen ab 05.10.20 Tel. 089 1265-4301, Mo 9-13.00, Di, Do 11-13.00 Uhr

Interkulturelle Kommunikation & Kooperation

Masterstudiengang: Kontakt + Öffnungszeiten
Telefon 089 1265-4307
Mo. bis Fr.: 09.00 bis 16.00 Uhr
T 3.006, Dachauer Straße 100a